Our Story

We knew it wasn’t quite right. We had bought a small brewery in SW London with great optimism and good intentions. But we just couldn’t make it our own. Without meaning to, we became adversaries and it won.

Then, just as we got back on our feet, along came COVID-19 and put us on the floor again. At that point we knew the World wasn’t quite right either.

If we were to fix our business then we might as well start going about fixing the World too!

Along the way we collected Hugh, Dan, Harry and Kieran through old friendships and chance encounters, and CTZN Brew was born. We changed course, put the mission first and then built the new business around that.

We wanted the new breed of conscious consumers to be able to enjoy great beer in the knowledge that they are making a small difference. And all those small differences could then add up into something big. We’d mould old habits into new ways to bring about change.

That meant rethinking the business model and putting sustainability at the heart of it.

Let’s be frank, today we are not the sustainable business we want to be. We have a long way to go. To use the over-used analogy, this is a journey. We will do it one step and one pint at a time. If we succeed you will be talking about this brand for decades to come.

Our Team.


Founder & Joint CEO

Working with smallholder coffee farmers in Africa changed Jon’s view of the world for good. The impact of climate change on these farmers and their communities is profound. Yet we depend on them and think little of it. With a career steeped in the aviation world it was a mindset change for Jon. What if we could use the brewing industry and the drinks we take for granted to change their fortunes? CTZN Brew is his bestest adventure yet.

As a leading member of the opening team for Toronto’s largest and most popular brewhouse Jana fell in love with the ethos and community of Canadian craft beer. Bringing a diverse business bag with all the right mix of ingredients for CTZN Brew, Jana is our creative leader. Add to that a passion for tackling climate change and the right for all to have access to nutrition, Jana stamps a North American twist on our brewhouse experience.


Founder & Joint CEO




We think Dan might be antipodean. He loves his sport, loves his beer, is hyperactive and cycles everywhere in a blur of vivid lycra! When we can get him to stand still the ideas and the energy pour forth. This bloke’s understanding of hospitality, food and drink runs deep. His formula is what makes our brewhouse machine hum with warmth and efficiency. And as the Dr Strangelove behind the our beer cocktails, his place in the laboratory is also assured.



Head Brewer

Hugh went to university to study marine biology, and then spent more time learning how to make beer than about dolphins. Brewing beer in a cold student house wasn’t enough so he decided to set up a microbrewery at the university. He has since spent the last 6 years making great beer at BrewDog and Beavertown, two titans of the UK craft beer scene. He is now our Head Brewer and hopes that through CTZN, together, we can make amazing beer that promotes sustainability and the CTZN mission.



Head of Sales

Let’s face it – Harry is not your typical craft beer nut! Harry likes fine Bordeaux wines. Fortunately, for us that signals a fine palette and an instinct for quality, which helps when he’s out selling CTZN Brew’s finest. After an early career as a metals commodity trader, no-one loves a good deal better than Harry. He’s also the mastermind and the brewer behind Kalmbucha – a kombucha brew made in small batches with live yeastie creatures called ‘scobies’ living in our cellar. That secured him a seat in our laboratory too!


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