KalmBucha is the brainchild of Harry Swindon, self-proclaimed adventurer and food geographer. Traversing the South Pacific Islands and Australasia during a 6-month food journey is just one example of his recent investigations.


Throughout his travels, it became evident that kombucha brands don’t have the environment as their priority, bottling in single use plastic and non-recycled glass. KalmBucha set out to change this. 10% of profits go straight to carefully selected organisations that help protect our precious environment. Recycled glass and loose-leaf teas further reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we are giving something back to our planet.

Inspired by Harry’s passion, and the fabulous tastes and restorative properties of kombucha, CTZN Brew and KalmBucha have formed a unique partnership to brew kombucha in-house. Together we are creating more KalmBucha than ever before, while staying true to the small batch approach. Always fermented in small 7 litre glass jars, this hands-on approach gives us the flexibility and precision to get the most flavour into every single bottle.

Using only the finest Oolong, Ceylon, Jasmin and Green teas from around the globe we extract the yummiest, essential flavours with no bitter after-taste. This scrumptious tea base is blended with our organic SCOBY, flavoured with natural juices and bottled by hand, to deliver to you the magic that is KalmBucha in every bottle.

We are constantly dreaming up new flavour combinations. Have any tasty ideas? Share it with us at info@kalmbucha.co.uk or on our Instagram @kalmbuchauk

01. Original

01. Original

Our original kombucha, made with our secret blend of teas and fermented for the perfect amount of time to create irresistibly refreshing flavours. This comes in our classic 300ml recycled glass bottle and always delivers the reviving and kalming fizz you look for.

02. Turmeric

02. Turmeric

Turmeric is our number one most in demand flavour. We make sure to add the perfect amount of cold pressed organic turmeric root to our bottles, offering the same refreshing fizz of our original but with all those extra bio-active benefits of turmeric, and of course, that unmistakable popping orange colour.

03. Beetroot

03. Beetroot

Beetroot is the hidden secret of health foods. They are packed with vitamins and minerals that balance the natural flavours of our kombucha beautifully. After extracting and infusing all the goodness from our organic cold-pressed beetroots, you can savour our health-packed head-turning drink.

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